Hello year 2017, where are you going to take me?

It’s almost the eve of the year 2017. I believe it is a perfect time to review the past year, detail my future projects, and write my hopes for this new year. I am not going to talk about resolutions here because I think those are bound not to be kept – at least in my case.



2016 has not been what I had in mind.

Let’s go back to November 1st, 2015. I had recently moved back home to France after eight months in Brno, Czech Republic where I was an intern. I had graduated a few weeks before from my Master’s in European studies specialized in communications and PR. The job hunt started around this period. 2016 arrived and I still had no job lead to explore. I knew it would be tough and getting hired would require tons of motivation. Instead of believing in fate, I resigned and my mental health went low. I am not going to elaborate further more on this point. But let’s say, it did not help my case.

However, I did not surrender completely. I sought help where I could. I went to my doctor to talk about my mental health. In February, I enrolled in an organization that help young adults with their careers by assisting them for nine months. So, I benefited from the help of several coaches. They helped with the job search, the self-development aspects, and the motivation. I am grateful for it. It kept me busy and it revived my hope.


Half the year passed…

… and I was still in that support group. I was getting annoyed by not getting any response to my applications. So, one night, I decided I would apply to a Walt Disney World International program. I had applied a few years back but I had been rejected. I did not know what to expect but I had nothing to lose.

Around that time, I also decided to hop on the blogging adventure. I thought about starting a blog a few times before but I was not truly motivated. Then I realized it would be a good idea to keep me busy, to share my passion of traveling with people, and to express myself. I believed this hobby could do a difference for my career since I am dealing with communications and PR aspects. So that’s how Frenchie on the road was brought to life.

So as I was saying, I applied to this program for Disney World. I got to do a Skype interview. Last time I applied, I had been rejected after this step. Surprisingly, this time I passed and I had to go to Lyon, France for a face-to-face interview. A week later, I received an email telling me that I succeeded. So if I was still up for it, I could go work at Disney World in Florida for a year.

Finally, karma struck back! I had something to look forward to. Another exciting adventure! The only thing is that I had to wait for while. In fact, I am still waiting because I’m going there in February 2017.


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What have I been doing since the big news?

Honestly, not much. I informed the support group I found a job in Florida. They were delighted for me. They told me to focus on the departure process so I left the group because it wouldn’t make sense to go further, knowing I would eventually leave. But they told me I could come back after the Disney experience to complete their program.

In the meantime, I tried to find temporary work to do something with my life. I sent application to fast food joints and I replied to job ads. Well, guess what? Nothing came up. So, I just gave up. I am not proud of myself there. I should have tried more. But my emotional state from the beginning of the year started to haunt me back and that was something I was not looking forward to.

So, I just let go.

So, I just decided to let go. I tried to keep myself busy. The blog was supposed to help with that. Sometimes it just turned out the be a burden more than anything. If I was writing one article a month I was happy. Some weeks I would be very motivated and look for improvements. I learnt new things, I experimented. Other weeks I was not doing anything about the blog. The thought of having to write something would be kind of oppressive.

So, I just decided to let go. In December, I didn’t work on the blog. I only tried to keep up with social media. And then a few days ago, I felt the need to come back here.

I believe I did not have so much motivation to write here because I did not travel a lot this year. I just traveled to Bulgaria and Romania and it did not represent enough content to last several months. But see, I still have some articles to write about these trips that I hadn’t the courage to write yet. So, yes, this is a terrible excuse.


Farewell 2016, hello 2017

The year 2016 was not the best year ever. 2017 will definitely be better. I can feel it already. I have new projects, challenges and new hopes.

So as you have figured out, I am moving to a new country for a year to work at Disney World. I have been to the US before but never to Florida. I certainly not have worked in such a big company either. Another thing is that I have never been that far away from home that long. So, this experience will be the biggest challenge of the year and it will probably be life-changing.

Another one of my goals and projects is to share my experiences with you on this blog. I am hoping to write at least twice a month and ideally once a week. I don’t want to set the bar too high but I am confident in my ability to write more. Besides, I hope regular readers stick to reading my adventures but I also hope to attract new ones.

Hopefully, the year 2017 will be full of new discoveries. I really want to visit the South of the US. Obviously I’ll travel extensively in Florida. But I’m also hoping to go overseas and go to The Bahamas and Cuba.

Finally, on a personal level, I want to feel better. I want to stop being ashamed of myself and have regrets. I want to be proud of what I have accomplished so far. Most of all, I want youthful energy and idealism back in my life.

I am going to finish this article by a quote from the man who definitely made an impact on my year to come (I know it’s a difficult sentence to process but read on), Walt Disney :

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”


I wish you the best for this new year.

4 comments on “Hello year 2017, where are you going to take me?”

  1. Anisa says:

    That’s so exciting that you got the job at Disney. I’m so glad you didn’t give up after the first rejection!

  2. Hope you’re going to have an amazing 2017! Sometimes letting go is the best way to deal with stuff!
    Cheers to new adventures!

    Bonne année!

  3. Hélène says:

    Bonne année Marie!! Je suis ravie de lire que tu vas en Floride en février
    Je suis allée à Cuba cette année, je te le . conseille :))
    Gros bisous et bonne annéeeeeee !!
    Hélène (fleur)

    1. Marie says:

      Merci petite fleur ! Bonne année à toi aussi 🙂 Passe en Floride quand tu veux <3

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